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‘Car artists’ ply their trade at Madinah’s Al-Baida Park

One way for young men to express their joy at the arrival of Eid Al-Fitr in Madinah is to go out to Al-Baida Park and create a spectacular sight.
Arab News found the park had turned into a art piece by the break of dawn. The landscape of the park had been turned into a bizarre display of cars painted in strange colors.
The young men were showing off their cars that they had obviously spent long hours on.
“Young men have been coming here for years during Eid Al-Fitr to display their cars. There is no other entertainment location for them,” Wail Kareem told Arab News.
“The men display their creativity away from the noisy city. Anybody coming here to watch is an encouragement for them,” explained Loay Mustafa.
“We wish we could have clubs in Madinah that would encourage sports and arts for young people so that we could show off our talent and creativity,” Mustafa said.
“The park provides us with this chance away from any negative practices,” he said.

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