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Saudi Arabia

Doctor, nurse flee as shot kills patient

A Saudi man in his 30s and resident of Bisha died after receiving an intramuscular injection at a private clinic on Wednesday.
According to a neighbor’s testimony, the patient first suffered a seizure after the injection, and then experienced a change in his skin color before falling unconscious.
The physician and the nurse who treated the patient at a private clinic transferred him in a private vehicle to King Abdullah Hospital in Bisha. They left him in front of the emergency department and then fled. A security and safety team of the hospital at Bisha monitored the case and transferred the patient to a recovery room, but he died.
A spokesman of the Directorate General of Health Affairs in Bisha identified the victim’s relatives only as the Al-Bakhtian family.
The nurse and the doctor managed to escape after the deterioration of the citizen’s health. Upon examining the patient, it appeared that the patient had already died, the spokesman said.
The director of the Bisha Hospital, Amer Al-Saari, confirmed that the case is being investigated by the police, noting that King Abdullah Hospital will file a report.

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