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Saudi Arabia

200 copies of Braille Qur’an distributed

The Ebsar Charitable Organization and Association for Visual Impairment has distributed 200 copies of Braille Qur’an in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries with the cooperation of King Fahd Qur’an Printing Complex in Madinah.
Mohammed Tawfiq Bellow, secretary-general of the association, said that this was the second phase of distribution of Braille Qur’an to the blind and visually-impaired. The first phase of distribution of Braille Qur’an was held toward the end of 2012.
Bellow said: “Most of the people can read Qur’an from Braille, but they don’t have copies, and 20 percent of the copies have been distributed among schools both within and outside the kingdom.”
According to a study conducted by the association, almost 27 percent of beneficiaries of the current phase showed that they can read and write in Braille and that of these, nearly 60 percent are excellent and professional, while another 25 percent are considered weak.
Bellow said that the majority of visually-impaired individuals need copies of Braille Qur’an. However, only a small number of Braille Qur’an copies are published and need to be organized for their distribution.
He said that printing technology should include other mechanisms such as methods of printing, braille handwriting, provisions of intonation and diacritical marks and installation, without which reading properly becomes a difficulty.
He also said that Esbar will continue with the distribution of Braille Qur’an, as they are reference for many associations for the visually impaired in the Arab and Islamic world.
The copy of Braille Qur’an has six volumes. Each folder contains 991 pages and is divided into five parts.

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