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KACST’s robotic fire extinguisher

Saudi researchers in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology have successfully designed a robotic cart to extinguish fires at heights and in spaces that cannot be reached by fire-fighters.
The cart was developed in collaboration with the Korean company “Hanol” as part of technology transfer projects carried out and supported by the City at the National Center for Robot and Intelligent Systems.
Khalid Al-Saif, principal researcher of the project, said the robotic cart can reach places that are difficult for humans to access, as well as move smoothly within buildings and across stairs through the use of a remote control. Such features make it suitable for use in rescue operations and at times of earthquakes and other disasters.
The robotic cart carries smart sensors capable of detecting smoke and can withstand temperatures up to 700°C for one hour without being damaged, he said, adding that it can effectively extinguish fire, as it carries several cylinders of active fire extinguishing substances.
Al-Saif said the most important characteristic of this cart is its ability to transfer high-quality images to the receiver, as cameras are incorporated to provide the user with live pictures. This will allow the controller to make an informed decision.
There are ongoing studies about the possibility of using this vehicle in schools and hospitals in coordination with the Saudi Company for Development and Technology Investment.
The research team consisted of young and qualified national cadres who worked on developing the cart and equipping it with resources needed by firefighters in the effective performance of their duties. Science and Technology City shares ownership and the patent of this product with Hanol.

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