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Saudi Arabia

DNA testing to prove Indonesian-Saudi descent

The Ministry of Interior has approved sending special missions to the Indonesian capital Jakarta to conduct DNA tests as a means to prove Saudi kinship and possibly rectify children’s status, said Mustafa Al-Mubarak, the Saudi ambassador in Indonesia.
A recent study conducted by the Ministry of Justice pointed out that there have been 23 interracial marriages between Saudis and Indonesians over the past year.
Al-Mubarak said higher authorities had recently issued directions to legalize the status of Saudis who are married to Indonesian women without official permission. Permission will be granted in most cases and a marriage contract for those who are already married must be documented.
The directions stipulate that the status of those who have children from their marriages would be officially rectified. The children will be registered in civil records. In addition, the government wants to provide services to citizens outside the Kingdom.
Al-Mubarak said there are no official statistics about the number of interracial marriages between Saudi men and Indonesian women.
Marriages between a Saudi man or woman and a non-Saudi partner are governed by rules and regulations under the Council of Ministers’ resolution and the ministerial list, which the Ministry of Interior issued in 2001.

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