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IISJ 2nd shift good news for parents

The International Indian School of Jeddah (IISJ) has acquired the permission of local authorities to operate a second academic shift to accommodate more students.
This has come to the relief of many Indian parents, who have been tirelessly seeking admission for their children to the KG section of the community school.
According to sources, Saudi education authorities had previously approved the second shift, but formal information was only recently sent through diplomatic channels.
Sources also said that the same request was turned down by local authorities two years ago.
Indian Consul General Faiz Ahmed Kidwai and school Principal Syed Masood Ahmed have been working for nearly a year to obtain permission for the second shift.
Saudi officials, however, have granted permission only for the KG section. The second shift, which will be known as the “afternoon shift,” is thus set to commence soon.
Sources said that the school is currently recruiting teachers for the KG section. The last date for applying for teaching positions online is Sept. 15. Sources also said that transportation arrangements have also been arranged within the existing fleet.
The KG section has been under pressure to admit huge numbers of children despite attempts by school authorities to increase the quota.
The present premises comprise twin buildings, which can accommodate 1,800 students. The buildings, located on Al-Ahli Road in the Rehab district, were opened in 2011 exclusively for the KG section and lower primary classes following efforts made by the then Indian Ambassador, Talmiz Ahmed.
Nevertheless, the premises could not accommodate more than 20 percent of applicants, who were chosen on a lucky-draw basis.

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