Saleeg — a Saudi dish that won’t let you down

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Updated 02 October 2013

Saleeg — a Saudi dish that won’t let you down

Saleeg is a white-rice dish, cooked in broth. Some people say it resembles Italian risotto or Indonesian bubur but it is different as it is made with milk. Arabs would call saleeg a “face-whitening” dish, meaning it won’t let you down in front of your guests. Saleeg is easy to make and consists of simple ingredients. This way, even unexpected guests can take a seat at the dinner table, and most will find it delicious. It takes an hour to prepare even a large amount of this dish.
Saleeg is popular in the Hijaz region. It is tasty, rich in nutritional value, easily digestible and kids love it even when they don’t like milk. Saleeg can be made with chicken or meat and people love it in winter.
Serve it with duggus (a chili tomato sauce), pickled lemons or a green salad made of cucumber, parsley, tomato, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
To make chicken saleeg for four people, you need:
3 pods of cardamom
1 chicken
1/2 lemon
4 small mastic tear (optional)
1 tbsp ghee (samin) or butter
1 cup rice
1/2 liter milk
2 liter boiled water to make chicken broth
1 1/2 tsp of salt
1 tsp white pepper
1/2 tsp black pepper

First, clean the rice then soak it in a bowl of fresh water.
Cut the chicken to quarters or eighths. Clean the pieces, rub them with salt and vinegar, then rinse with water.
To make a chicken broth, bring two liter of water to a boil in a pot. Add the chicken, cardamom pods and a teaspoon of white pepper. You can add two mastic tears to the broth.
Keep removing fat foam.
Wait until the chicken is cooked under a medium flame. Keep the pot semi-covered.
Put the chicken aside and spice it with lemon juice, half a teaspoon of salt and black pepper.
Brown the spiced chicken in a preheated oven (200 degrees Celsius) to give it a crispy touch
Strain the broth, removing the cardamom, and add the uncooked rice. Cook the rice as you normally would on a medium-low flame until the rice is done. Strain the rice, keeping the broth, as you may need to add a little to the rice and stir it occasionally.
Add milk to the rice and stir the saleeg until it blends on a low heat. Add salt to taste.
Heat ghee or butter in a frying pan until it melts (you can add mastic) then pour it on the saleeg before serving it straight from the stove while it is still hot.
Top the saleeg with roasted chicken or serve the chicken on the side.
To make meat saleeg is similar to making chicken saleeg. Prepare the broth with pieces of meat and cardamom, salt and pepper in boiled water. Some people add a peeled onion, or a clove of garlic. Strain the broth before using it to cook the rice. Proceed as with chicken saleeg.

Duggus sauce is an important sauce with Saudi meals, such as saleeg. It is served cold and adds a nice cool taste to the food. It is easy to make, using:
2 tomatoes
4 leaves of parsley or coriander
1 clove garlics
1/4 lemon
1 red hot pepper (or a chili pepper)

Cut the tomatoes, parsley, garlic and hot pepper into small pieces, mix together and then add a squeeze of lemon and salt.

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Bollywood star Nargis Fakhri to strike a pose at Dubai yoga fest

Updated 20 January 2019

Bollywood star Nargis Fakhri to strike a pose at Dubai yoga fest

DUBAI: Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri is set to host the opening session of the XYoga Dubai Festival on Feb. 1, so yoga fans can expect to bend, stretch and breathe with the glamorous star herself.
Fakhri has starred in Bollywood hits such as “Rockstar” and “Main Tera Hero” and also crossed over into Hollywood in 2015 film “Spy,” in which she appeared alongside Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law.

The actress is a self-declared fitness enthusiast and will lead a session at the weekend festival alongside yoga practitioner Deepika Mehta.
“Yoga has been a big part of my life for over a decade now — it helps me stay centered, focused and positive throughout the day,” Fakhri said in a statement.
“It is not just about flexibility and fitness but also about will-power, mental strength and finding common ground with others,” she added. “As a devoted practitioner and student, I am really looking forward to learning from Deepika, who is one of the most innovative and inspirational yoga trainers. I’m also looking forward to immersing myself in the practice with yogis in Dubai.”
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So grateful for life. For friends, for family, for my hubby, for my practice, for the nourishing food I eat, my body ... Today on the flight as I was coming to Mumbai, I tried out an exercise and I gave out positivity mentally to any body who caught my eye, and it was incredible, people sensed it and returned it with so much kindness, the air hostess was so kind, the guy sitting next to me on the flight helped me with the baggage, there was this sweet girl waiting outside the airport with a bunch of roses and she gave me the biggest smile back, the taxi guy was lovely .. (but it’s not like Im always this sweet angel or anything, sometimes I can be pretty sharp n cutting , trust me!!!) But the one thing the Universe taught me is that energy is tangible, if I give out good vibes, they are sent back to me. • The last few days I’ve been maintaining a journal of all the things that I’ve been grateful for in a day, it helps me focus on the good stuff, makes me more mindful and I take less for granted. • Maybe try out this exercise of writing down 10 things that you are grateful for tomorrow and see what magic manifests. • Love you guys, happy to be in my sweet city

A post shared by Deepika Mehta (@deepikamehtayoga) on

Mehta is a household name in India, where she hosts a TV show called “Yoga City,” was a trainer on “The Biggest Loser” weight loss show and is the personal trainer of a bevvy of celebrities.
The opening session that she will co-host signals the start of the free-to-attend two-day festival and, according to organizers, thousands of yoga enthusiasts are expected to converge on Dubai’s Kite Beach with the aim of achieving the “total synchronization of body, mind and soul.”
The third edition of XYoga Dubai festival will offer fitness lovers the chance to try out various forms of the ancient practice, including animal yoga, vinyasa flow and acro yoga.
The festival offers mixed classes, with ladies only sessions set to take place at the XDubai Studio.
Yoga practitioners from around the world are set to host sessions at the festival, including Iranian-Canadian musician Babak Torabi, who performs alongside yoga classes across the world, and Emilie Mikulla, who has taught people the art of movement in Thailand, South Africa, San Francisco and Dubai.
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