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Al-Jouf heritage to be documented

Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) on Monday launched the 20th version of the tourist media convoy to document the antiquities and rich cultural heritage of Al-Jouf Province.
Majed Al-Sheddi, SCTA director general for Information and Public Relations, said: “The convoy is a mix of amateur and professional Saudi photographers, in addition to YouTube cameramen.
“SCTA organizes the tourist media convoy on a regular basis. It is one of its information programs and has proven to be very successful in highlighting tourism and heritage sites in Saudi Arabia which is its major goal.”
Al-Sheddi referred to the close attention paid by Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of SCTA, to convoy’s programs.
He said that the media convoy adheres to the directives of the SCTA president in its pursuit of encouraging photography in the Kingdom.
He informed that last year, the SCTA, realizing the importance of the power of images in the tourism marketing process, and in its efforts to support photographers, launched the “Saudi Color Forum.”
Al-Sheddi said: “Consistent with these efforts, this year the SCTA has organized a special convoy devoted to amateur and professional photographers as well as the YouTube cameramen who will visit Al-Jouf Province, which is famous for heritage and tourism sites.”
The convoy comprises 45 prominent photographers representing different parts of the Kingdom and aims to highlight the reality of unique tourism sites in Al-Jouf Province. It will encourage and support the efforts of amateur and professional photographers and benefit from their production in enhancing the tourism photo Library of the SCTA, Al Sheddi said.
He praised the important role played by the photographers in highlighting tourism and heritage potentials across the Kingdom, pan-Arab and international media through high-definition and high quality images.
The SCTA has launched 19 convoys over the last few years. Over 650 media representatives from the Kingdom and abroad participated in these convoys. Al-Sheddi said that the tourism commission is all set to launch similar convoys for the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and domestic media in future.