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Saudi Arabia

Riyadh residents want Abu Makhrouq converted into a natural museum

Nature lovers are striving hard to convert Abu Makhrouq mountain, the oldest garden reserve at the heart of Riyadh, into a natural museum. The mountain, with fascinating lime rock formations on the Salahuddin Ayyubi Road in Malaz, also portrays various phases of the growth of modern Saudi civilization.
A Japanese traveler who visited the city in 1941 wrote in his travel diary that the 50-meter-high mountain takes the shape of an eagle, with two dents on its head that resemble a pair of eyes.
In ancient days, the mountain served as a resting area for caravans coming from eastern Arabia.
It later became the only picnic spot for people in the city. It also has caves and unique rock formations caused by extreme weather changes over centuries, the Saudi Press Agency reported Friday.
It was the first site to be converted into a public park in 1979 with an artificial waterfall, trees and plants. There are also play areas for children. Visitors can relax on the green surfaces, sitting areas and at food outlets.

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