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Save Muslims in Myanmar

It has become almost a routine to read stories about the killings of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. The United Nations is merely paying lip service by condemning the incidents and calling on the Myanmar government to take steps to check the situation.
Had the Myanmar government been interested in protecting Muslims, it would have taken steps to that effect. The truth is Myanmar government does not recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens of the country.
Very well, do not recognize them as Myanmar nationals, still nobody should be given the license to kill the alien population. I was surprised to read that Buddhist monks were behind these killings and attacks. I had always thought that violence was non-existent among the Buddhists. Perhaps I was wrong.
I urge the United Nations to look into the matter on an urgent basis and also call on Buddhist religious leaders to look into the matter and do something to protect the helpless Rohingya people. — N. Kumar, Jeddah