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Embassy cautions Filipinos against scammers, forgers

The Philippine Embassy has issued a warning on Sunday to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to be wary of various document scammers and forgers in line with the countdown to the amnesty deadline next month.
In an official statement, the Philippine Embassy urged Filipinos, especially those residing in Al-Khobar, “Not to seek services and assistance from questionable groups, individuals or organizations to obtain fake Saudi documents such as marriage contracts, birth certificates and residence permits,” stressing that it would cause them more harm.
The embassy stated that a number of Filipinos in the Eastern Province fell victim to two individuals known as Albert Guanzon and Aiza Monares, who allegedly forged documents according to the victims’ sworn affidavits.
The aforementioned individuals were mentioned in an advisory issued in 2009 by former Labor Attache David Des Dicang highlighting their “questionable” services and methods.
The two forgers were also blacklisted by various independent OFW organizations in their social media group accounts and victims posted warnings urging other nationals to avoid them. Some victims posted the fake marriage contracts with the signature of the implicated individuals as evidence of their forging activities.
The embassy emphasized that it is not in any way connected to individuals, groups or organizations who are offering to provide fake documents and other services in that connection.
Philippine Ambassador Ezzedin H. Tago stressed that all fronts are working to combat fixers. He also urged nationals to contact the consulate should they fall victim to document scammers and forgers.
Meanwhile, Tago has emphasized in an interview with Arab News that as of this date “The majority of the Filipinos in the Kingdom have already corrected their status.”
“As of now, our records show that the majority of OFWs in the Kingdom have already corrected their status or are in the process of finalizing their procedures,” Tago said.

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