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No woman, no drive

On Oct. 26, the day that Saudi women were supposed to drive to protest the ban on women driving in the Kingdom, two Saudi comedians released a YouTube video titled “No Woman, No Drive”.
Fahad Al-Butairy and Hisham Fageeh recorded all sounds in the video from voice, mouth, and body only, without the use of any musical instruments. Of course they were all edited and processed by computer, to reach their best quality.
“I don’t really listen to music, but while studying in the US I heard this song by this Jamaican guy (Bob Marley) that caught my attention. I decided to do my own rendition with lyrics relevant to my culture but without instruments,” said Fageeh in his video.
The four-minute video had more than 1,156,700 views in one day and counting. Many shared the video on their social media pages, saying it’s innovative and artistic.
Saudi singer Rotana Tarabzouni also released a song dedicated to the driving campaign. It was released on YouTube on Oct. 21. “This video is a salute to any woman brave enough to stand up for her right and follow her dreams, despite cultural barriers, and a nudge to all those who are on their way,” Tarabzouni commented on her video titled ‘Team.”

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