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Saudi Arabia

TTC offers vocational courses with a stress on core values

Saudi Arabia has established world-class technical institutions and colleges including the Technical Trainers College (TTC) and Colleges of Excellence (CoE).
During a special visit to the TTC, the first institution in the Kingdom that specializes in providing vocational trainers, Arab News had first-hand information on the state-of-the-art training facilities in the capital.
According to the TTC’s dean and director, Dr. Michael Klees, the TTC is a pioneer in promoting higher vocational pedagogy in the Gulf region as the only learning institution accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency of Germany (ZEVA in German).
The TTC is administered by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the Technical and Vocational Training Corp. (TVTC) of Saudi Arabia.
“We don’t only offer a bachelor’s degree that is accredited by European standards, but we also introduce core values such as discipline, punctuality and precision to our students,” explained Klees.
The TTC currently offers the following specializations for its study program: Production Technology, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Electronics, Electrical Power, Electrical Machines, Telecommunications, Networks and System Administration, and Application Development. The new specialization of Automotive Technology will be offered in the MT Department in February 2014. These courses are being taught by 26 nationalities.
“Some 40-50 percent of the TTC graduates get jobs in major firms across the country. Most of them became teachers and trainers at the newly established vocational and colleges. They are also seen as heads in various positions,” said Mohamed Al-Omran, head of department for private and public cooperation at the TTC.
The college, which has English language as the medium of instruction, has around 1,000 students representing various regions. They were mainly recommended by major companies here to meet the requirement of the TTC.
“The TTC in Riyadh plays a key role in the Kingdom’s plans to boost technical training for young Saudis,” the dean noted, adding that they are not only providing theoretical learning but also hands-on training,” said Klees.
He said that 300 new vocational training facilities will be operational across the Kingdom within three years where TTC graduates can take up jobs as teachers and trainers.
The TTC is the only college in the country so far which will train teachers for these facilities. The college recently went on a huge promotional campaign nationwide in early October to the end of November to introduce study opportunities to prospective students.
Klees said that after eight weeks of touring the Kingdom, the delegations made contact with more than 3,000 young students.
The students were introduced to the high standards at the TTC, the strict study and examination regulations and the Code of Conduct and Honor.
They visited 35 Colleges of Technology across the Kingdom. “I am convinced that the foundation for a long term and fruitful cooperation between us and the CoTs has been laid during these visits.”
The teams that visited the CoTs consisted of a representative of TTC’s Student Affairs Section and a lecturer from one of the three academic branches, Mechanical, Technology, Electronics and Electrical Technology and Information and Communication Technology.
The TTC and CoE are meant to serve the immediate demands of the local market through a trained workforce which will take over many jobs in line with market needs.

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