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Saudi Arabia

Crackdown on traders selling fake mattresses

Authorities have been cracking down on Jeddah traders who are involved in selling counterfeit mattresses and other bedding material.
The sales of such items are rampant in the city, where it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between original and counterfeit products. Fake mattresses are often packed and sealed in the packaging of popular brands, said a Commerce Ministry statement.
The latest raid conducted by the ministry was on a manufacturing facility in south Jeddah on Monday.
“We confiscated more than 1,495 old mattresses that were being repaired when we raided the facility, in addition to 95 mattress that were being packed after repair,” the ministry said in a statement.
The ministry also seized equipment used for repacking and repairing. “All these repacked mattresses carry labels of popular brands, such as Sleep High. Some contain false specifications on them, such as being medically proven,” the statement said. The owner of the facility and workers are being referred for further investigation, it said.
“You can only tell if the product you have purchased is fake or genuine when the mattress shrinks a couple of weeks later or when the springs stop working,” said Abdullah Ali, a purchaser at a leading hospitality group in Jeddah.
He said that most people fail to distinguish between genuine and fake mattresses. He explained that most small shop owners show customers several models under different specifications, when in reality, the SR200 price discrepancy is down to whether the mattress is real or fake.

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