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Forum commends Saudi stance on Kashmir issue

The Kashmir Overseas Forum-Riyadh organized an event on Thursday to commend Saudi Arabia’s stance on the Kashmir issue during the recent visit of Crown Prince Salman to Pakistan.
Abdul Rasheed Turabi, a Kashmiri leader, said, “Saudi Arabia’s declaration for resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions. The recent visit of the crown prince to Pakistan is very encouraging for Kashmiri people and it is the continuation of the Saudi stance on Kashmir.”
He thanked Saudi Arabia and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for taking a stand on Kashmir issue.
“OIC Kashmir Contact Group is playing a vital role in highlighting Kashmir problem on international level and it had always been supporting Kashmir cause unanimously. This unconditional support owes to Saudi efforts,” he added.
Syed Hammad Abid, community welfare attaché at Pakistani Embassy, said, “Kashmir is the oldest problem on UN agenda and Kashmir is a unique militarized zone of the world where one Indian military man is assigned for every twenty Kashmiris.”
He said, “Pakistan cannot compromise on Kashmir and will continue its support of Kashmiris to get their right to self determination.”
During the forum, other speakers also stressed the need to solve the Kashmir issue and expressed their determination to continue their struggle to achieve their right to self-determination.
A resolution was passed by the community to stop human rights violations in Kashmir by Indian forces and find a solution to the Kashmir dispute.
The resolution also demanded tripartite dialogue including Kashmiris to solve the Kashmir issue.
Recently, Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh also celebrated Kashmir Solidarity Day for continuous moral, political and diplomatic support toward their Kashmiri brethren in their struggle for fundamental rights and civil liberties.

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