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Saudi Arabia

Wedding halls shut for wild celebrations

Police patrols have recently shut down more than 15 wedding halls across the city, according to First Lt. Nawaf Al-Bouq, spokesman for the Jeddah police department.
Speaking with Arab News, Al-Bouq said the owners of the wedding venues were accused of violating safety regulations in allowing families to gunfire in celebration of their wedding ceremonies.
The spokesman explained that firing guns in the air is a potentially fatal activity, which may result in the death of bystanders.
He cited examples of fatalities caused by celebrating gunfire in the past, emphasizing the Jeddah Police Department has many times warned individuals against the dangers of joy gunfires and has since banned the practice.
“We have deployed undercover patrol cars to monitor and arrest violators. It’s imperative that we end use of firearms in public as it could lead to tragic incidents,” he said.
The governor of Makkah and the Ministry of Interior, he said, have issued strict directives regarding the matter and wedding hall owners have been explicitly prohibited from allowing such practices on their premises.
Al-Bouq underlined that penalties would be imposed against the wedding hall owners and individuals participating in the gunfire in any celebration.

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