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Indonesian embassy to host ASEAN missions tennis tournament in DQ

The embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Riyadh will host ASEAN Riyadh Sports and Social Committee (ARSSC) table tennis tournament 2014.
The tournament is being held in the month of August to mark the celebration of ASEAN’s 47th anniversary on Aug. 8 and to promote the ASEAN community as a united family.
Ahrul Tsani Fathurrahman, second secretary for Information, culture and social affairs at the Indonesian embassy here, told Arab News on Thursday that the tourney will kick off here on Saturday at the Indonesian Chancery in the Diplomatic Quarter.
Seeing action are all eight diplomatic missions of ASEAN countries in Riyadh namely Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
"Each diplomatic missions will send a team comprising of four players who will play in one of three categories - men's single, women's single and open double (men's or women's double or mixed doubles," Fathurrahman said.
"At the same time, each team will also be supported by their own colleagues from their respective missions," he added.
This table tennis tournament is first of eight sports events to be organized by the diplomatic missions of ASEAN countries in Riyadh this year, he said.
"Each member country sponsors at least one event," he underlined.
He further said that the Indonesian embassy as the host is also to serve special Indonesian culinary in a luncheon for all participants and their supporters at the end of the event.
Notably, the ASEAN sports activities are organized by the ASEAN sports and social committee which is under the ARSSC in Riyadh and composed of the heads of missions of ASEAN in the Kingdom.
The current chair of the ASEAN Riyadh Committee is with the Vietnam embassy.