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Saudi Arabia

No court verdict yet in fatal child torture case

The courts have yet to consider the case involving the alleged fatal torture of five-year-old Lama by her preacher father, said Fahad Al-Bakran, a spokesman of the Ministry of Justice.
Al-Bakran was quoted as saying in local media that no verdict has been issued.
Lama was reportedly tortured by her father after she was taken from his divorced wife.
She was admitted to a hospital in Riyadh for medical treatment and died later from her injuries, according to a medical report issued.
Al-Bakran denied reports published in some newspapers, websites and social networking sites that a court has ordered Lama’s father to pay blood money to her mother.
The spokesman said a lawsuit filed by the plaintiff will be heard at a court sitting next week.
The defendant (the girl’s father) is still in prison, he said.
Al-Bakran asked the media to abstain from publishing issues still under consideration by the judiciary unless authorized to do so under printing and publishing regulations. He also urged journalists to get accurate information from authentic sources to avoid misleading the public.
Lama's story was first published in local media last November. The wife reportedly said her former husband was very aggressive during the first three months of their marriage; that he was addicted to narcotics and did not have a job.


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