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Published — Tuesday 14 August 2012

Last update 14 August 2012 4:01 pm

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No Saudi woman is working in the judiciary and public prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Civil Service said in its annual report for 2010.
The report indicated that the unemployment rate among women in the Kingdom has reached 29.6 percent.
“Most of the employed women work in education and health sectors,” it said, adding that women have very little representation among diplomats.
“Only one female diplomat works among the 973 male diplomats,” the report pointed out.
Inversely, the percentage of women in teaching jobs exceeds that of men.
“The teaching field attracts more women as their number in the sector has reached more than 230,000, while the number of male teachers stands at 211,000,” the report said.
A good number of Saudi women are seen in the health department: Around 25,000 women work in the sector against 53,000 men.
In the judicial system, however, all 1,555 judges are male, the report said. There are no women among the 1,713 investigators at the Investigation & Prosecution Bureau.
Among the total number of government employees, Saudi men make up 66.6 percent of the total with 589,000 employees, while there are 280,000 women.
The report indicates that 4,380 women employees resigned their jobs during the year against 7,371 males who left their jobs.
“In the government sector, Saudis represent the lion’s share of employees with 92.2 percent. Only 8.7 percent of government jobs are done by foreign nationals,” the report said.
As many as 227,000 Saudi men are engaged in public sector jobs against a mere 21,000 Saudi women who work in the sector.
“There are about 13,000 Saudi men who work as college professors, readers and lecturers and 11,000 women engaged in the same professions,” the report said.
The report also explains the employment situation of expatriates. It pointed out that 75,000 male and female foreigners are working in the government sector.
In the field of education, there are 4,744 expatriates working with 52,000 foreigners in the health department.


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