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GCC labor ministers’ talks to focus on foreign workers

RIYADH: The GCC labor and social development ministers are meeting Sunday for talks of mutual concern, foremost among them how to develop the council’s work, activate common working mechanisms and achieve the requirements of the Gulf union.
The four days of meetings were preceded by preparatory meetings of the secretariats of the above-mentioned ministries.
Mufrej Al-Haqabani, minister of labor and social development, will preside over the meetings during which Gulf ministers will discuss GCC countries' strategies in the field of labor and social development, the status of foreign workers in their countries and the challenges facing their directorates.
They will also discuss the annual report assessing the progress of programs meant to increase the rates of employment of national cadre in the GCC countries.
The ministers will discuss the benefits citizens receive from social services, in light of the joint Gulf market, and the proposal to form a mechanism to coordinate mutual charity work, as well as the development goals for the year 2030.
During the first session, establishments that distinguished themselves by giving jobs to the citizens of the Gulf states, owners of notable small projects in the Gulf and pioneering projects in the field of social work will be awarded.
The Council of Labor and Social Development Ministers in the GCC countries was established at the Manama conference in 1987 because of the critical historical phase the area was passing through and of the social and labor challenges, which are closely related to the development and wellbeing of Gulf citizens.
The council is made up of labor and social development ministers of the GCC countries, in addition to those of the Yemeni republic.

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