Saudi anti-corruption body finds irregularities in hiring of minister’s son

The National Anti-Corruption Commission main office in Riyadh. (SPA file photo)
Updated 28 November 2016

Saudi anti-corruption body finds irregularities in hiring of minister’s son

JEDDAH: The National Anti-Corruption Commission, popularly known as Nazaha, has discovered irregularities in the appointment of a Cabinet minister’s son.
The commission has submitted its findings to the Royal Court.
The investigation was launched following complaints on social media alleging corruption in the hiring of the son of the minister of civil service.
The complainants alleged abuse of power on the part of the minister in having his son hired by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
In a statement on Sunday, Nazaha said its findings indicated that the Municipal and Rural Affairs Ministry had failed to abide by royal orders to attract and hire talented people.
“With regard to the appointment of the minister’s son, the anti-corruption body has found that the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs did sign a contract with the person concerned, but failed to abide by some of the control and regulatory conditions set out in Royal Order No. 34807,” the statement said.
The irregularities included the failure of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to coordinate with the Ministry of Civil Service to determine the salary and to ensure proportionality with professional expertise and specialization. 
The salary should be according to corresponding remuneration in the job market. In addition, the procedures for medical examinations were not completed and there was a failure to comply with the specified age for hiring which is at least 33.
According to what has been monitored by the body on social media, and the information available to Nazaha, the commission expanded the scope of investigation to include other contracts implemented by several ministries. It has found that 10 ministries have failed to abide by one or more of the regulatory controls and conditions for hiring.

Saudi crown prince sends letter of thanks to President Jinping after leaving China

Updated 11 min 44 sec ago

Saudi crown prince sends letter of thanks to President Jinping after leaving China

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent on Saturday a letter of thanks to Chinese President Xi Jinping, after leaving China and concluding his Asia tour.

In the letter, the crown prince expressed “gratitude and appreciation” for the Jinging’s hospitality during his visit with the Saudi delegation. 

Here is the letter in full:

His Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping

President of the People’s Republic of China

Warm greetings:

As I leave your friendly country, I would like to express to your Excellency my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the warm welcome and generous hospitality extended to me and my delegation.

We had constructive talks and I am sincerely looking forward to deepening cooperation and creating closer ties in all areas between our two countries, to evolve into strategic relations under the leadership of King Salman and your Excellency.

I wish your Excellency continued health and happiness and to your country and people more progress and development.

Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud