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SRMG, SSRC sponsored dialogue forum in Kuala Lumpur today

JEDDAH: An International Dialogue Forum on “The Impact of Social Security and Economic Development Policies in Preventing Terrorism” will be held in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.
The event sponsored by the Social Security Research Center (SSRC) of University Malaya will be held in cooperation with the Riyadh-based Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG).
The scientific supervision of the forum will be conducted by EuroMENA, a specialized research center based in London.
The main objective of the dialogue is to bring together scholars and experts from relevant disciplinary backgrounds to conduct an open discussion on the the role of socioeconomic development policies in promoting peace and in the prevention of violence and terrorism.
Discussions of the forum will be based on social and economic development as a catalyst to counterterrorism and possible factors contributing to terrorism.
Deliberations will identify the actual reasons for terrorism.
The participants will also review the facts relating to terrorism and its misconceptions will be highlighted .
A new conceptual framework will be presented for economic development, social security and countering violence and terrorism. Experts and researchers will analyze the social and economic losses due to terrorism in developing countries.
The event will be attended by a large number of experts and interested parties from both countries, as well as researchers and experts from international organizations.
The Social Security Research Center (SSRC) was established in March 2011 at the Faculty of Economics and Administration (FEA), University of Malaya to initiate and carry out research, teaching and dissemination of evidence-based knowledge in the area of social security, including old age financial protection in order to enhance the understanding of this critical topic to promote economic development and social cohesion in Malaysia.
SRMG is the largest publishing group in the Middle East engaged mainly in providing information products and services by publishing newspapers and magazines covering the Middle East and globally in addition to general trading, advertisement, promotion, as well as printing, production and distribution services.
A set of important recommendations are to be made at the end of the concluding session of the forum.

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