General Authority for Entertainment chief seeks citizen participation

Updated 27 December 2016

General Authority for Entertainment chief seeks citizen participation

RIYADH: Spelling out the objective of the General Authority for Entertainment, its chairman Ahmed Al-Khatib said the organization has been created to boost citizen’s participation in the development of its strategy and building strategic partnerships with those working in the entertainment sector in the Kingdom.
Al-Khatib said this during the workshop “Together We Build the Entertainment Sector,” which was held in Riyadh on Monday. He said the authority invited more than 130 stakeholders and investors in the entertainment sector to develop future plans and strategies with community participation, as they are “key elements and primary beneficiaries of the sector.”
He urged all who attended the workshop to share their ideas and recommendations, and expressed pride in his work with a body that targets community enrichment.
The workshop aimed to see the participation of community members in a number of subjects related to developing this new sector in the Kingdom, such as the role of the authority in supporting the sector, the future of the sector, prospects for investment, and possibilities that can be tapped into for advancement of the sector and expansion of entertainment options.
At the start of the workshop, the authority highlighted the most important accomplishments to date. This was accompanied by the launch of pilot programs that aim to measure the performance of operators in some entertainment facilities, and collect data from individuals.

King Salman inaugurates Saudi Arabia's Haramain railway

Updated 5 min ago

King Salman inaugurates Saudi Arabia's Haramain railway

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia's King Salman inaugurated on Tuesday the Haramain Express high-speed rail line that connects the holy cities of Madinah and Makkah.

At a ceremony in Jeddah, the King oversaw the services that the railway will offer passengers when it opens to the public next month.

The 450 kilometer train line has five stations including King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City, as well as Makkah and Madinah.

The network will carry 60 million passengers a year with a fleet of 35 trains containing 417 seats each.

During the ceremony, a documentary was aired about the project, one of the largest of its kind in the region.

Saudi Transport Minister Nabeel Al-Amoudi commended the King’s approach to national transport projects, saying that they act as a trigger for everyone to put in their utmost effort to fulfill the expectations of the Kingdom’s leadership.

He also added that a project of its kind would consolidate the Saudi Arabia’s status by turning it into an international logistics center that connect three continents.