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Al-Zayani says GCC’s top priority is to maintain security, stability of the region

Abdullatif Al-Zayani
MUSCAT: Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdullatif Al-Zayani said that GCC exerts constant effort to combat terrorism at local, regional and international levels, based on active coordination and cooperation among the Gulf countries, secured by joint strategies, and on lasting cooperation with regional and other countries specialized in fighting terrorism.
The GCC countries’ membership in the international coalition to fight Daesh in Syria and Iraq is the best proof of its efforts in this field, he said.
Delivering a lecture at the National Defense College of Oman on Wednesday, Al-Zayani highlighted the importance of the resolutions included in the Sakhir Declaration, following a meeting held by the leaders of the GCC countries in Bahrain in December to buttress joint GCC business and the meeting the GCC leaders had with British Prime Minister Theresa May, which served as an important turning point in efforts to ensure the region’s security, stability and development based on the historical friendship between the Gulf states and Britain.
Al-Zayani also spoke about the domestic challenges facing the GCC, stressing that maintaining security, stability and social cohesion is the top priority of the GCC countries.
“Terrorism is a big challenge the GCC countries are seeking to combat and eliminate, in addition to drying the sources that fund it. It is a threat to security, stability and territorial integrity,” Al-Zayani said.
Talking about the scourge of terrorism plaguing the region, which has taken the lives of innocent people, both civilians and security officers in Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Al-Zayani said nothing and nobody is spared this threat, not even the sanctity of mosques.
The GCC secretary-general also talked about the development strategies adopted by the GCC countries to meet economic challenges, most prominent among them the drop in oil prices, and about other major issues, including the GCC’s relations with Iran, the crisis in Yemen and the Palestinian problem.
He highlighted the GCC’s philanthropy in giving political, material and humanitarian support to fellow Arab countries that need to overcome difficult conditions.
Al-Zayani also reiterated the GCC countries’ call for the Middle East to become a nuclear weapons-free zone and tackled the issue of organized cross-border crime and the efforts of the Gulf police to strengthen cooperation and exchange of information among the GCC countries in this field.

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