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Saudi soldier martyred in Houthi shootout on Yemen border

Members of the Saudi border guard are seen stationed at a look-out point on the Yemeni border in this April 9, 2015 file photo. (AFP)
A Saudi soldier was martyred in a shootout with Houthi militias at the border with Yemen early on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry said. The soldier was named as border guard Corp. Mohammed Musa Hassan Maher. A security spokesman for the ministry said that a border outpost in Jazan region came under heavy fire from across the border at 6:30 a.m. yesterday. The shooting was from “Houthi elements from inside Yemeni territory,” according to a statement issued via the official Saudi Press Agency. The Saudi army “dealt with the situation as required to retaliate to the source of fire and keep the situation under control with a support from ground forces,” the statement said. The incident follows a separate attack by Houthi “suicide” boats against a Saudi frigate patrolling the coast, details of which were revealed by the coalition on Monday.