Dubai-based developer reviving UAE property market with high-end project

Updated 03 February 2017

Dubai-based developer reviving UAE property market with high-end project

A leading Dubai-based Russian property developer is reviving the UAE property market with the launch of a one-of-a-kind ultra luxury mega project on the Palm Jumeirah.
Driven by the robust demand for luxury homes in the city, XXII Carat, part of the Forum Group, is the latest player to enter the ultra-luxury market and has ambitious plans for the future with a number of other projects in the pipeline.
The project comprises 22 ultra-luxury villas of different styles and architecture — Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. The developers have already sold around 30 percent of the units with construction due to be completed in late 2017. The company launched the large-scale residential project last year and is targeting wealthy buyers from the GCC as well as Russia, India and Europe.
“Demand for luxury properties is on the rise far exceeding supply in the higher price spectrums of the market and there is always a market for high-end one-of-a-kind properties,” said Anton Yachmenev, managing director of the Forum Group.
“We were keen to capitalize on this trend by offering developments that take luxury living to the next level. Buyers are on the lookout for modern, vanguard and expertly appointed villas and we want to give them what they want.
“We have a simple mission, which is driven by the belief that luxury is about more than just the address. We specialize in exquisite developments using the most stringent European building standards and finishes to provide each resident with privacy and unique views of beach and skyline. We have also scoured the globe for the best of the best for our interiors.”
According to the recent Dubai Real Estate Market Report Q3 2016 by global consultancy JLL, the luxury real estate sector remained active for the first nine months of 2016, despite the looming economic downturn and the slowdown in the real estate market.
With Dubai’s real estate sector still outperforming many other global cities, experts are predicting further growth and strong overseas interest by 2020. Key factors driving this growth include attractive rental returns, flexible payment plans and industry regulation. Apartment rental returns in Dubai offer returns of 7.6 percent which dwarfs yields in leading investment locations such as London (3.5 percent), Hong Kong (2.82 percent) and Singapore (2.83 percent).
“Dubai’s luxury real estate market is fast becoming an attractive proposition to a multitude of international buyers and we have invested a considerable amount of resources to ensure that our properties exceed expectations,” added Yachmenev.

DHL KSA ‘best place to work’ in Saudi Arabia

Updated 22 January 2019

DHL KSA ‘best place to work’ in Saudi Arabia

DHL Saudi Arabia has been recognized as the “best place to work” in Saudi Arabia in 2018 by a survey undertaken by the American Institute “Best Places to Work.” The initiative conducts surveys that collect employee-provided information on companies in 60 countries around the world and then evaluates them on a country-by-country basis. 

What makes this achievement outstanding is that DHL was ranked first among other top companies that were awarded the “Best Places to Work” certification.

“This recognition is not just an award but a testament to employee satisfaction at DHL Saudi Arabia,” said Faysal El-Hajjami, country general manager. “We are very proud to be named as the ‘best place to work’ in Saudi Arabia, especially as it is based on the assessments of our own workforce in comparison with others in the Kingdom.”

El-Hajjami said the award is a reflection of the efforts put into DHL Arabia’s strategic plan to become the “employer of choice” in Saudi Arabia through the implementation of a well-structured motivation program designed to empower employees and engage their hearts and minds in providing extraordinary service to its customers at every step of the supply chain.

Participating companies agree to conduct the Employee Engagement and Satisfaction survey that asks 36 questions across eight areas, including leadership, compensation and benefits, corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, personal growth, HR practices and the workplace. The HR assessment presents 154 questions across six categories, including information about the company, HR practices, personal growth, engagement, well-being and leadership. 

The initiative provides companies an opportunity to learn more about the engagement and satisfaction of their employees while ultimately celebrating companies whose employees say they are engaged in their work and feel connected to their place of employment.

DHL is a leading global brand in the logistics industry. Its portfolio of services include national and international parcel delivery, e-commerce shipping and fulfillment solutions, international express, road, air and ocean transport, and industrial supply chain management. “With about 350,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, DHL connects people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling global trade flows,” a press statement said. 

The “Best Places To Work” program certifies and recognizes leading workplaces in many countries including leading programs in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The program focuses on eight workplace factors including workplace culture, opportunities for growth and overall employee satisfaction with the company’s people practices. An HR audit is also conducted to examine HR practices within the organization.