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Iran’s destabilizing tactics

This refers to the report: “Iran world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism: US” (Feb. 5). Indeed, Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. It has been tarnishing and destroying the peace of the Middle East through its sectarian agenda and its proxies such as Hezbollah, Houthis and Shiite militias who are fascist factions creating havoc in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain and disrupting the lives of innocent civilians. As a matter of fact, the world should curb Iran’s expansionist policies and meddling in other countries.
It has been proven that Iran has been sponsoring terrorist activities, and seen from this perspective, the superpowers should curb its illegal activities and should not seek its help in the name of fighting against terror as it is itself a rogue and terrorist state. Iran has been very rude and openly challenging the US as the report rightly states.
Instead of regretting its misconducts and terrorist activities, Iran has shown its shameless face to the world and continued its terrorist activities. From this perspective, it is high time the US took strict action against the rogue state and curbed its destabilizing activities for the sake of global peace, especially in the Middle East.