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Extremism has no place in Islam

This refers to the article “Religious extremism bane of all societies” (Feb. 7) by Abdulrahman Al-Rashed. Extremism in any society wreaks havoc on innocent, moderate civilians. Biased media claim extremism exists in Islam only, but it exists in other religions also.
In Israel, extremist Jews have been attacking innocent Palestinians. In Myanmar, extremist Buddhists have been making the lives of innocent Rohingya miserable by attacking them, looting and burning their properties, killing children and the elderly, and raping women.
In Iran, Shiite extremists have immense hatred toward Sunnis, creating nasty situations in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and Syria in alliance with fascist Shiite militias from those countries. Extremist Serbs massacred tens of thousands of innocent Bosnians in the 1990s.
Extremism is detrimental to the whole world. If people respect each other’s religions there will be mutual understanding, which may lead to global peace. Islam does not espouse extremism; it espouses a moderate way of life and doing good for humanity. It says killing one innocent person is like killing all of mankind.