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Negative impacts of divorce

This refers to the report “Saudi cleric warns men of abusing right of divorce” (Feb. 12). As a matter of fact, Islam is a peace-loving religion. The present days are witnessing many divorces due to differences in thinking and ways of living. Spouses must understand that nobody is perfect. In order to live a peaceful life, spouses should not find faults with each other, and they must learn the art of restraining and ignoring each other’s faults.
For the sake of a healthy marital life, spouses should not make problems over trifles. In reality, divorce is detrimental to the progress of society, and children are the ones who suffer the most. Among the negative effects of divorce on children are poor adjustment and behavioral problems resulting from divorced parents as well as stress over longer periods and from interrupted routines. Owing to this, children become more difficult to manage. Above all,they feel unable to adjust to the new situation especially when their divorced parents continue fighting. And it becomes worse when the conflict lasts over a long period of time. They do not get love and affection from their parents and their studies are also affected. They lose their calmness of mind and they are not able to concentrate on their studies, and their academic careers may even be ruined.
Sometimes, there is the issue of egotism in the lives of spouses. For example, if the wife is more highly educated, the husband may develop an inferiority complex, and out of frustration, he may resort to violence, which leads to separation. As a matter of fact, if spouses respect each other’s qualities and skills, then egotism may not become a problem. In the worst situation, owing to divorce, the woman may not receive the financial resources needed to bring up the children and this may lead to thoughts of suicide.
Imam Saleh Al-Bedeir has said rightly that overusing the threat of divorce is impermissible in Islam. He labeled it a bad habit that Muslims should avoid. It is true that threatening divorce of wives is not the act of a good person, and it indicates that there is something wrong in his upbringing. — Anees Lokhande, Jubail


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