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Saudi singer Al-Majid’s fans pay $5,400 to watch him live in Kuwait

Rashed Al-Majid.

KUWAIT CITY: How much would you pay to see your favorite pop star in concert? Well, Saudi singer Rashed Al-Majid’s fans reportedly paid up to $5,400 to watch him live in Kuwait on Friday.
According to Albawaba, the iconic singer returned to Kuwait after a six-year absence to perform at the closing ceremony of Hala February Festival.
But surely the jaw-dropping price tag of those tickets cannot be worth it? Some news channels even argued that they were “the most expensive tickets recorded in history.”
However, according to the festival’s organizers, tickets to Rashed’s concert sold out almost immediately after making them available online, adding that the tickets sold at whopping prices were purchased on the Internet’s black market.
Earlier this month, tickets for Amr Diab’s concert in Dubai cost $380, an unusually high sum. Another example came with the tickets for Coldplay’s recent New Year’s eve party, which were sold on the black market for $407, a big jump from their original $95 price. Many fans who missed Al-Majid live enjoyed his concert on social media.