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Saudi Arabia

Failing to report lost IDs could result in fines: Saudi Passports Department

This is a sample of a Muqeem or resident ID issued by the Saudi Passports Department for foreign workers, with its details blurred.

RIYADH: The Passports Department urged residents to report their lost passports and Muqeem cards (non-Saudis) within 24 hours or face a SR1,000 to SR3,000 fine, reported Al-Madinah newspaper.
The department also called on non-Saudis to renew their Muqeem (resident) IDs before they expire through the Ministry of Interior’s website after payment of fees through banks. Carrier of an expired Muqeem card will not be able to benefit from the department services and must pay a SR500 fine for the first time and more if repeated.
The Muqeem card is the modern substitute for the residency license that was implemented two years ago. The ID is valid for five years and is renewed online and delivered by mail.
The department called on Muqeem ID carriers to have it on them when traveling.

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