Prince Sultan bin Salman praises philanthropy for the disabled

Prince Sultan bin Salman
Updated 21 February 2017

Prince Sultan bin Salman praises philanthropy for the disabled

RIYADH: Prince Sultan bin Salman, co-founder and chairman of the board of trustees of the King Salman Center for Disability Research (KSCDR), said the center enjoys the patronage of a large clientele that is ready to assist a worthy cause.
He praised “the interest of philanthropists and members of the private sector to serve deserving people.”
He said the center’s founders include individuals, charitable associations, companies, government institutions, ministries and banks.
Membership also includes parties from outside the Kingdom, such as Abraaj Capital, Dubai, and HAMG Group.
Prince Sultan said the institution was the outcome of the philanthropic mind of King Salman, who wanted to serve Islam by helping the disabled by offering rehabilitation programs and the necessary education and skills for them to continue their lives like others do.
The prince said the idea to establish KSCDR came from the urgent need to confront, reduce and avoid the incidence of disability, as well as treat it and provide superior support services for the disabled to easily integrate them into society.
“Arab and Islamic countries suffer from a severe shortage in the field of scientific research into disability, which motivated us to establish this center,” said Prince Sultan.
“We at the King Salman Center look forward to establishing the best scientific applications… and achieving positive development for persons with disabilities and their families.”
He said King Salman’s interest in helping the disabled comes not only from his magnanimity, but also from his vision of the importance of investing in the development of all sectors of society, and providing equal facilities and services for all citizens.
The prince added that scientific research is the true criteria for the progress of nations, an urgent necessity and an important element for a decent life.
“The contemporary world is witnessing astonishing progress in all fields of scientific and technological developments,” he said. “Scientific research is the main ingredient in civilized society.”
The center’s achievements include introducing a care system and early screening program for new-borns, which the prince said has helped around 930 children.
In cooperation with King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and others, KSCDR has organized programs to rehabilitate disabled people so they can enter the labor market.
The prince said there is also an economic integration program for the disabled in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank, the Saudi Bank for Credit and Savings, the Health Ministry, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, King Saud University, Harvard University, and the scholarship program of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in collaboration with the Education Ministry.
On King Salman’s initiative, an endowment project has been set up that includes a five-star hotel and apartments on an area covering 7,264 square meters in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh. It will include a number of restaurants, a swimming pool and a health club.

Saudi Shoura Council urges promotion of culture of productivity in families

The Shoura Council holds its first ordinary session in Riyadh on Tuesday. (SPA)
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Saudi Shoura Council urges promotion of culture of productivity in families

  • The council encouraged the Family Affairs Council to build partnerships with the nonprofit sector to implement its initiatives

The Shoura Council called upon the Family Affairs Council on Tuesday to build and promote the family’s culture of productivity and self-reliance as one of its strategic pillars, and accord top priority to preparing a draft strategy for the family in coordination with the relevant authorities.

The council adopted this resolution during its first ordinary session of the third year of the seventh session, held under the chairmanship of Shoura Council Speaker Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh.

The council encouraged the Family Affairs Council to build partnerships with the nonprofit sector to implement its initiatives, and formulate a scientific description of the characteristics to be instilled in the Saudi family and the enabling supportive environment. 

Assistant Speaker of Shoura Council Yahya Al-Samaan said the council has asked the Public Education Evaluation Commission to focus on leveraging national expertise and to reduce reliance on foreign expertise.

Al-Samaan pointed out that the council made its decision after listening to the views of the members of the Education and Scientific Research Committee on the report submitted by the Public Education Evaluation Commission for the current fiscal year.

On Monday, King Salman inaugurated the third year of the Shoura Council’s seventh session in which he highlighted the Kingdom’s priorities for the coming year and defined the contours of its domestic and foreign policies.

The king pledged to continue the Kingdom’s fight against extremism and all forms of terrorism. He also vowed to support the system of social services and sustainable growth for citizens. 

The speech focused on issues such as the war in Yemen, the Palestinian issue, stability in the oil market, countering Iranian interference in the region and job creation for Saudis.  “The Kingdom will maintain its effort to resolve regional crises,” the king said.

Al-Sheikh noted the council’s pride in the wise leadership’s efforts to unify Arab ranks and promote Islamic solidarity to achieve security and peace in the region and in the world.