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Riyadh governor inaugurates Al-Dawadmi projects worth SR2.65bn

Riyadh Gov. Prince Faisal bin Bandar admires exhibits during his visit to Al-Dawadmi to inaugurate projects. (SPA)

RIYADH: Prince Faisal bin Bandar, governor of Riyadh, on Thursday inaugurated projects valued at SR2.65 billion during his visit to the province of Al-Dawadmi.
A number of additional ongoing projects are valued at SR7.35 billion.
The new and ongoing projects include health, municipal, housing, education, social, water, and electricity works, alongside other charity and vocational training projects.
The governor met with heads of courts, members of the judiciary, other officials and families of the province and listened to their views and needs.
The governor also met with the local and municipal council to discuss the previously adopted work plan, as well as the major challenges facing the province.
Directors of local government entities — including those involved in education, health, housing, social development, electricity, water, roads, agriculture and industry — also participated in the meeting.
In a press statement, the governor described Al-Dawadmi as a comprehensive and strategically located province for regional planning.
Stalled projects in the area amount to SR245 million, the governor said, confirming that his trip aims to visit these projects. “The meeting looked at all of these issues and matters related to affairs of families in the province, most importantly basic services to citizens,” said the governor.
He said the meeting agenda successfully touched on all the key sectors and important issues facing the province.
The governor said the development of the Al-Dawadmi airport is a topic to be studied and discussed, as adding more international flights will reduce pressure on other nearby airports and provide better transportation services to residents and citizens.
The governor also attended a ceremony with local families, during which he shared with them the historic and cultural importance of the province.
“I was pleased to meet you today on one of the most important visits to one of the most important locations, as it is considered central to the unification and development of this nation,” he said.
He conveyed the greetings of King Salman and the crown and deputy crown princes, wishing families of the province wellbeing and security.
The governor received a token of honor from the mayor and local families, as well as a copy of the book titled “Al-Dawadmi.”

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