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Senseless act

This refers to the report “Israel aircraft attack Hamas targets after rocket fired from Gaza” (Feb. 28). As a matter of fact, Hamas should come to its senses and not launch unnecessary rockets from Gaza into Israel. Hamas should remember that Israel is mightier than Hamas and has nuclear power. Undue provocation on the part of Hamas will be detrimental for its progress and peace. Hamas also must understand that launching rockets cannot destroy Israel, but in response to launching rockets, Israeli attacks will create mishaps in Gaza. From this perspective, Hamas’ launching rockets is senseless and it should desist from the act.
Should Hamas have problems, it should request the legitimate Palestinian Authority to take its grievances to the UN and solve its problems. Hamas must know that it is on terrorist lists in the Western world, so it must improve its attitude so that it may be removed from the lists. It will be very essential for Hamas to do something good to remove its name from terrorist lists, so that in times of emergency, it can resort to the UN to solve its problems. On the other hand, Israel should not find pretexts to launch its barbaric attacks on Gaza and should mend its ways of dealing with Palestine so that peaceful ways can be negotiated.
It is no doubt that the Palestinian people have been bearing the brunt of Israeli force for more than seven decades and it is high time the UN and superpowers did something positive to stop Israeli incursions so that peace may be achieved between Israel and Palestine. Israel must note that Palestine accepts Israeli existence and that is why Palestine has been asking for the two-state solution for peace on both sides. It is high time America should dispense justice and not favor Israel’s illegal ways. It is very apparent that if America were serious, Israeli and Palestinian problems would soon be solved. The world has been observing for a long time that America has been conniving with Israel’s atrocities and not taking any drastic action to stop skirmishes between Palestine and Israel.
In the time of Barack Obama, he only delivered flowery speeches and did nothing positive to solve the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and eight years of his governance passed without finding a solution to this conflict.
The Donald Trump administration should do something very seriously for this conflict so that innocent lives may be saved and that both sides could live in a peaceful environment. Israel should remember that the Arab world accepts Israel’s existence and wants to live in harmony and peace with it, and from this perspective Israel should sit at the negotiating table for the sake of solving long standing issues and achieving peace and tranquility on both sides.