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This is just not cricket

Cricket has been running through my blood since childhood. As a Pakistani, I believe cricket is the only thing that unites us anywhere we may be in the world. But the recent suspension of fast bowler Mohammed Ifran for violating the anti-corruption code during the Pakistan Super league (PSL) shamed Pakistan and its people in front of the world.
I still rate Pakistani players among the best in the world. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has gone an extra mile to back the players, but some fraudulent cricketers make us feel apologetic in front of the cricket world. The PCB should keep a vigilant eye on cricketers, and build self-confidence and fairness among them.
We also need an infrastructure of international standards in our country, because many new talents do not receive proper training in their early years, so they develop their skills on their own. Some might use shortcuts for money.
I saw the delight and pride Pakistanis felt during the PSL weeks in Dubai, and when the PCB decided to go ahead with its plan to conduct the PSL final in Lahore despite a spate of terrorist attacks in the country.
The Pakistani cricket legend Imran Khan said: “Compromise for your dream but never compromise on your dream.” The upcoming talent and current Pakistani players should follow the rules of cricket legends to achieve success, which is not possible without dedication and fair play.


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