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Saudi Arabia

Trial begins of Daesh member accused of killing 2 bank employees

JEDDAH: The Riyadh Specialized Criminal Court on Sunday began the first hearing session of a suspected terrorist accused of killing two bank employees in Jazan during an attack in October 2015.
The public prosecutor introduced the charges against the defendant before the court. The charges include deliberately killing two people; supporting Daesh; describing the security men as unbelievers and accusing them of apostasy; following up on news of Daesh, and watching their videos while being influenced by them. He is also accused of smoking hashish.
The defendant is accused of killing two bank employees and injuring three others with minor to severe injuries, while bank customers managed to escape when they heard the shooting.
Eyewitnesses said the defendant was heard swearing and cursing the employees.
Jazan police received a report stating that a bank in Jazan was being robbed by a person carrying a gun and who was shooting at the bank’s staff and clients.
Police surrounded the bank and called on the defendant to surrender, but he began shooting at the security members. Police responded by arresting him and freeing a hostage that he had taken.
Further interrogations and investigation revealed he was affiliated with Daesh and supported their deviant thoughts.

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