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When Ranbir and Mahira met in Dubai

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan at the Global Teacher Prize ceremony in Dubai on Sunday.
DUBAI: Videos of Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan at the Global Teacher Prize ceremony in Dubai on Sunday are going viral on social media. The videos show the two actors engaged in animated conversations, leaving fans wondering what is going on between them.
In one video, clasping her hands together, Khan is seen pleading Kapoor for something, while he raises his hand questioningly.
In another video, Khan spiritedly reads from papers in her hand to people backstage. Kapoor appears happy, and she then walks away smiling. Cut to moments later, the two run into each other again, and the actress looks exasperated.
While some speculated that this may be some sort of act or promotional stunt, others said that some dispute arose between them.
Addressing the Global Teacher Prize ceremony, Khan said, “Teachers have the power to make a shy little girl like me believe in her dreams, so yes, teachers do matter.”
“You (teachers) are the true stars,” the actress added as she vowed to use her platform to empower people.
Kapoor, meanwhile, remembered the teachers who shaped his life.
“My favorite was my Hindi teacher. I loved his patience and encouragement. He made me into a confident person and I will always be grateful for it all my life,” said Kapoor.
“You can never disregard the contribution of teachers in a society ... Some of the teachers don’t even have blackboards or a classroom to teach, but they still persevere,” he added.