Saudi marine security units boast highly trained frogmen

Special Navy Security Units with a high degree of skills and proficiency participate for advanced training to protect their religion and homeland.
Updated 02 April 2017

Saudi marine security units boast highly trained frogmen

JEDDAH: Recent military developments have highlighted missions carried out by the Saudi Royal Navy in the sea off Yemen, particularly the operation carried out last week in which naval mines were identified and deactivated.
Retired Marine Rear Adm. Dr. Shami Mohammed Al-Dhahri, commander of the College of Command and Staff at the Saudi Armed Forces, told Arab News that the Saudi Royal Navy special units have been paying close attention to the quality of their training in various climates, both in mountainous terrain and deep in the valleys.
Training has been taking place in the cold winter months as well as the hot summer, to fully prepare soldiers and officers who have pledged their lives to protect their religion and their homeland, Al-Dhahri said.
He said members of special navy security units have spent extensive hours of training in areas like mountain warfare skills, tactical exercises, shooting, and “frogmen” combat diving. This equips them with extensive skills to carry out their military tasks with high precision.
Al-Dhahri said units are currently operating within the coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen, and are among the most trained combat units. They work under the most difficult of circumstances, due to the need for high sensitivity and accuracy in these special military operations.
Special navy security units are believed to have advanced boats and special equipment, from binoculars to snipers, in addition to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other equipment required to carry out missions day and night with great efficiency.
These units have a long history of nearly 40 years, informed sources reveal, dating back to when the Marine and Special Naval Security Units school was founded. The institution has the latest equipment and weapons, including amphibious armor and vehicles, mortars, heavy machine guns, and mines.
Officers and members of these units undergo intense training programs inside and outside the Kingdom, and are involved in joint annual exercises with forces from allied countries. The private marine security units are divided into three sections, namely frogmen or combat diving, stunts, and removal or deactivation, each with specific tasks.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman touches down in India

Updated 31 min 44 sec ago

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman touches down in India

NEW DELHI: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrived in India on Tuesday for the second stage of his Asia tour.

He was greeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his plane touched down at Air Force Station Palam in New Delhi at about 9.15 p.m. local time.

The crown prince is expected to announce a $1 billion investment in India’s infrastructure and farming sectors during his first visit to the nation.

He is accompanied by leading Saudi businessmen and officials.

India is hoping the crown prince will announce an investment in its National Investment Infrastructure Fund (NIIF), a sovereign wealth fund that includes private companies and foreign investors.

The Kingdom is India’s top energy supplier and home to more than 3.5 million Indian expatriates. 

Saudi Arabia's embassy in New Delhi tweeted a collection of Indian citizens welcoming the crown prince to their country for his first state visit.