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Arab News discontinues Andrew Bowen’s column

Arab News regrettably announces that it will discontinue publishing articles by US columnist Andrew Bowen.
The reason behind this decision is the columnist insisting that this newspaper deletes previous articles dating back prior to the recent US election where he was in favor of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
Bowen, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, has repeatedly requested the removal of these articles stating that this is needed for him “to be cleared” for what he claims to be a possible job with the new Donald Trump administration’s State Department.
Mr. Bowen also insinuated — verbally and in writing — that he will seek the support of influential friends and contacts to help remove the articles.
Arab News possesses all correspondence relating to this matter and its position is that such a request is unprofessional journalistically, particularly given that there were no factual errors or libelous comments that require a redaction or correction.
We wish Mr. Bowen the best of luck in his job application.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Further to a formal complaint after publishing, this article — along with a number of Mr. Bowen’s pro-Hilary previous columns- were removed briefly offline. However, upon the completion of an internal review, this and all related articles were restored online unchanged.

• Here is a link to Mr Bowen's complete Arab News archive