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Pakistan is here to stay

March 23, 1940, is one of the most important days in Pakistan’s history. On this day, Muslims of undivided India gathered in Lahore to decide the status of Muslims once the British colonial power left the subcontinent. The decision was unanimous: To demand a Muslim homeland in order to implement Islamic principles as a role model for Muslims worldwide.
People of the subcontinent lived in harmony until the British colonized this peaceful country by overthrowing its Muslim rulers in their policy of divide and rule, which worked in Asia and Africa. But after World War II colonized countries started gaining independence from Western powers.
Once the Lahore declaration was made, Muslims of the subcontinent gathered behind the leadership of Mohammed Ali Jinnah. He worked day and night to achieve this goal, which became a reality on Aug. 14, 1947.
Pakistan was the first Muslim country to become a nuclear power, to pursue its peaceful role in the world, though it is fighting the menace of terrorism. Jinnah once said Pakistan “is here to stay,” but Pakistanis have to be united to achieve the main purpose of making this nation a role model of Islam in order to play its due role in the world.