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Israel targets Syria positions after Golan mortar fire

An Israeli soldier stands on top of an armored personnel carrier stationed on the Israeli side of the Golan Height. (AFP)

JERUSALEM: Israel’s army said Friday it had targeted positions inside Syria in retaliation for mortar fire that struck the northern part of the Golan Heights.
“The Israeli army targeted the source of the fire,” an army statement said without giving further details.
An army spokeswoman told AFP she was unable to give details on how Israel retaliated or to identify any targets that were hit.
Israel seized 1,200 square kilometers (460 square miles) of the Golan from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967 and later annexed it in a move never recognized by the international community.
Around 510 square kilometers of the Golan are under Syrian control.
The two countries are still technically at war, although the border remained largely quiet for decades until 2011, when the Syrian conflict broke out.
The Israeli side is hit sporadically by what are usually deemed to be stray rounds, and Israel has recently taken to opening fire in retaliation.

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