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Saudi Arabia

Royal decrees reflect success to curb spending, set priorities: Business leaders

RIYADH: Business and chamber leaders said the royal decrees have demonstrated the success of the government, represented by the Council of Economic Affairs to curb state spending and set priorities.
Sami Al-Abaidi, deputy chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC), said the royal decrees issued by the King Salman are considered a continuation for the path of construction and development witnessed by the Kingdom in all walks of life.
He said the restoration of financial allowances for civil servants and military personnel was an indication of recovery of the national economy thanks to government policies to ration spending and diversify income sources.
Basil Al-Ghalaini, an economist, said payment of a two-month salary for military personnel of the “Decisive Storm” and “Restoration of Hope” operations came to enhance the leadership’s interest in the lives of its citizens.
The new appointments at local or diplomatic posts came in a professional way to benefit from young energies in all areas that will cope with the technical, administrative and financial advancement witnessed by the world countries, he said.
Saud Al-Mishari, CSC secretary general, said the restoration of financial benefits to employees reflects the success of the government policies and the strength of the national economy to face all challenges.
Amir Al-Husaini, an expert on governance, said the royal decrees, notably the restoration of benefits and payment of a two-month salary, will lead to reduction of financial deficits that may face some members of the society.
This step will pump more money into the national economy and, will enhance capability of the Saudi families in spending in their basic requirements and entertainment, he said.
On the royal decision to dismiss the minister of civil service and his referral to investigation, he said it came as a key indicator for the application of governance in the public sector.
Mohammed Fahad Al-Hamadi, the member of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), said the economic reforms have begun to materialize, and government revenues are expected to increase.
The restoration of benefits and allowances will have a positive impact on the economy and will support the retail sector, which has dropped by 20 percent recently, he said.

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