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London Indian restaurant faces abuse after ‘human meat’ fake news story

The owner of Karri Twist in South East London said that the restaurant had received abusive calls. (Photo courtesy: Facebook)

DUBAI: An Indian restaurant in London has been targeted with threats and abuse after a fake news article was published online claiming they sell human meat.
The owner of Karri Twist in South East London told BBC Newsbeat that the restaurant had received calls from people screaming: “Why are you still open?”
The fake article was published on – a website which shares content straight to Facebook.
The owner of the family business, Shinra Begum, said it is becoming a major problem for the restaurant.
“When people started calling asking me if we were selling human meat, I couldn’t believe it.
“I was completely shocked when I eventually found the article online and being shared all over Facebook.
“Now people have threatened to vandalize our building and I’ve had to sit down with a customer to explain to them it is all just lies.”
Begum says she has notified the police.
“Someone even called and ordered a ‘human sandwich’, another ordered a Chinese person. It’s bizarre,” Begum said.
“Literally this has been awful for us. Not only have we had people asking us about the human meat, but they have been making bookings maliciously, too.
“We got a booking for Serena Williams for 15 people, and several other large parties which we accepted. No-one turned up.
“We are just a small Indian restaurant in a place where news travels fast. I’m just hopeful we can stem this tide and people will come back to eat here.”