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Iran opposition complains of election ‘infractions’

Iranian people arrive to cast their vote during the presidential election in Tehran, Iran. (REUTERS)
TEHRAN: Before voting had even concluded in Iran’s presidential election on Friday, the head of the opposition campaign complained of multiple “infractions” and called for an intervention by authorities.
The campaign chief for hard-line cleric Ebrahim Raisi said there had been “propaganda actions by certain officials and supporters of the government” in favor of President Hassan Rouhani, who is seeking re-election.
“Such infractions are immoral actions that violate people’s rights,” said Ali Nikzad.
Iranian election rules state that no one can seek to influence voters once the campaign finishes 24 hours before the polls open.
Another official in Raisi’s campaign said there had been 219 infractions so far and that not enough ballot papers had been distributed in areas thought to favor Raisi, including his home city of Mashhad. There was no immediate comment from Rouhani’s team. The conservative-dominated Guardian Council must validate the results of election.
Earlier on Friday, Iranians poured into polling stations to deliver their verdict on President Rouhani and his troubled efforts to rebuild ties with the world and kickstart the struggling economy.
There was a festive atmosphere in Tehran where Rouhani, a 68-year-old moderate cleric who spearheaded a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, was mobbed by cheering supporters as he cast his ballot in a mosque in the city center.
“The enthusiastic participation of Iranians in the election reinforces our national power and security,” he said, as polling stations reported queues were far bigger than in last year’s parliamentary election.
Meanwhile, officials announced they would keep polling stations open for an extra two hours on Friday evening after many people queued for hours to cast their ballots.

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