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Aljazira Capital develops online trading system

Aljazira Capital's CEO Ziad Aba-Alkhail
Aljazira Capital has announced the development of an electronic trading system (TADAWULCOM) in response to the high-tech surge in the realm of global investment. Stock market traders are now able to run their dealings faster and easier after Aljazira Capital’s adoption of the slogan: “Trading with one Touch.” The company explains that there is no longer any need for the keyboard since the system enables clients — only with one touch and in few seconds — to make transactions, follow market news and investment portfolios, using PCs, smart phones or tablets. It will also render clients additional benefits and options, representing a breakthrough in informatics.
Aljazira Capital’s CEO and Managing Director, Ziad Aba-Alkhail, said the new electronic platform has the advantage of using HTML5 system that provides faster and smoother trading in stock market without uploading additional applications such as JAVA, because the system works automatically with one touch, allowing the investor to get all what he needs, and browse the information and statements of his own home page on the program screen.
He noted how the new platform has the distinguishing features and advantages of all types of touch screens, in addition to its high responsiveness and analytical services.
He said that enhancing the capacity of Aljazira Capital portal is consistent with the company’s policy that seeks tirelessly to keep abreast of the world’s latest systems as well as provide new channels for trading in local and international markets, bearing in mind that the company holds the largest share of trading in Saudi capital market, being 18.74 percent of online trading, according to 2016 reports.
He said: “In Aljazira capital, we seek to save money and time of our clients, using the latest technology to fulfil their needs and ambitions. We work hard toward securing more privacy, faster and smoother trading through Aljazira capital’s electronic platform.”
He said: “We believe our excellence and pilot role in providing online trading services are the main factors behind the successful investments reaped by our clients every day. Our website allows clients to buy and sell local shares, and browse market news and investments portfolios online... In addition, our unique service allows users to easily sell and buy, online, Gulf and global shares from US, UAE and Doha markets.”
“Global” has the advantage of easy use, attractive commissions, distinguished services, and full technical support.
Aba-Alkhail highlighted the possibility of entering, updating and canceling orders online, in addition to inquiring about the orders previously entered. He also referred to the advantage of browsing share prices, market news, purchase power, and investment portfolios through one screen, including all investor’s needs, where trading is done with unprecedented flexibility and full privacy of client’s personal information and activities, not to mention the immediate technical support offered by a specialist and well-qualified staff through smart phones and e-mails.

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