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EDITORIAL: Terrorism is terrorism, even when it hits Iran

A still image taken from a video released on the internet by Daesh-affiliated Amaq News Agency, on Wednesday, purports to show a person lying on floor with blood stain in an office said to be inside Iranian parliament in Tehran, Iran. (REUTERS)

The terrorist attacks that took place at two of Tehran’s most prominent and well-known landmarks — the Parliament and the Khomeini mausoleum — show once again that we are all equally hurt by the evils of extremism.
It also reiterates what we already knew: Daesh monsters do not understand the inviolability of sacred places. To target the Parliament is bad enough but to target a mausoleum is abhorrent. Places where people are buried should and must remain off-limits.
In such circumstances, it is probably wise for Iran to learn from the Saudi experience. Saudi Arabia took a zero-tolerance approach toward those who finance, support or engage in terror acts. As such, Riyadh successfully eliminated the threat of Al-Qaeda when it undertook a murderous campaign against civilians and security forces within the Kingdom.
It is because of this zero tolerance for terrorism from the highest levels in government that Saudi Arabia has joined the world community in order to fight terror and is considered a valuable member in the global fight.
Up until now, Iran had remained free of similar terrorist attacks. For a state that is the biggest supporter of terrorist groups worldwide — whether Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Al-Hashd Al-Shabi, the Houthis or the Assad regime — these attacks on Iranian soil should come as a wake-up call. As Tehran picks up the pieces from the attack in Parliament and on the Khomeini mausoleum, it would do well to understand the pain that terror causes, as well as the misery and heartache that it inflicts upon the innocent.
Tehran should also cease blaming others and look within and rethink its philosophy of exporting terror, only then can we all work together for the prosperity of the region.
May all victims of terror, regardless of race or religion, Rest In Peace.

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