John McCain: ‘Qataris’ behavior has got to change’

A file photo of Sen. John McCain (Photo: AP / Jacquelyn Martin)
Updated 14 June 2017

John McCain: ‘Qataris’ behavior has got to change’

JEDDAH: “Qataris’ behavior has got to change,” seasoned US Sen. John McCain said Tuesday during a discussion at the Wall Street Journal CFO Network annual meeting in Washington.

“We can’t have Qataris funding Salafist organizations that are committing crimes to take American lives,” he said. “We just have certain fundamentals that are what America and democracy are all about.”

McCain, who is chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, added: “Now guess who’s sending in groceries? The Iranians.”

He urged US President Donald Trump to send Defense Secretary James Mattis to Doha “right away” so “he sorts this out,” adding: “He has been in the region for a long time, he knows these people.”

McCain said “smart people wherever I’ve gone” have said they have not seen such a split in the Gulf before.

“One thing I can assure of, there’s more to come on what the Qataris have been doing to provoke action of this magnitude,” he said. “They’ve been trying to play both ends against the middle.”

McCain said the situation in the Gulf is dangerous and the Trump administration should act. “The one thing we need is some consistency from this administration, which they don’t have as we speak.”

Norway 'considering' how to help guard shipping in the Strait of Hormuz

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Norway 'considering' how to help guard shipping in the Strait of Hormuz

OSLO: Norway's foreign minister said on Thursday it was deliberating how to respond to a U.S proposal on forming an international mission to safeguard shipping in the Gulf.
Speaking at a joint news conference with her Iranian counterpart, Eriksen Soereide said the government was "considering a number of different measures" and would make an assessment based on information it gathered.
So far, Britain, Australia and Bahrain have joined the U.S.-led security mission to protect merchant vessels travelling through the Strait of Hormuz, a vital gateway for global oil supplies.