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This Ramadan, savor a little bit of home

The spread includes freshly-baked goods and cold mezze.
The koshari, the tagine options and the mansaf are not to be missed.
It is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
Arabic lanterns and string lights lend a celebratory atmosphere to the buffet.

After a long day of fasting, there is nothing better to sit down to than a home-cooked meal. Prepared by loved ones, these traditional, hearty and wholesome meals can nourish and replenish the body and soul.
With the same attention and affection, staff at the Double Tree by Hilton in Alkhobar come together to offer up a lavish iftar buffet for their guests at the Al-Waha restaurant. In fact, they go the extra mile and consult their in-house guests to find out what food they associate with Ramadan back home and the following day, their choice is served.
The theme of this year’s iftar buffet is “Oriental Ramadan” — the sights, smells and tastes will transport diners to an ancient Arab world. The décor is replete with red and blue patterned khayameya cloth while Arabic lanterns and string lights lend a celebratory touch to the dining experience.
The iftar buffet at the restaurant offers up delicious regional cuisine — from Moroccan harira soup and three different types of tagine options (lamb, chicken and shrimp) to Egyptian ful medames and koshari. The buffet also includes a Syrian lamb and yogurt stew called shakriyeh as well as mansaf, a Jordanian dish of lamb cooked in fermented dried yogurt served with rice or bulgur.
The spread includes freshly-baked manakeesh and fatayer along with a grilled meat and shawarma station. The buffet also offers an extensive selection of cold and hot mezze options, salads, breads, appetizers and desserts.
However, no iftar table would be complete without refreshing beverages such as Vimto, laban, tamer Hindi and Arabic qahwa. Diners will also have the chance to sample sumptuous sweet treats, including qatayef and the quintessential Umm Ali.
The iftar buffet is hosted every day from 5:30 p.m. onward and costs SR169 per person. Meanwhile, the suhoor buffet is open from 1:00 a.m. onward and costs SR89 per person.
The popular buffet, with its delectable spread and exceptional customer service, will leave you satisfied and eager to return.

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