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Public Prosecution decree reflects king’s keenness to promote values of justice: Experts

RIYADH: Officials and legal experts have underscored the importance of changing the name of the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIPP) to the Public Prosecution, and linking its office directly to the king.
In this context, Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Walid Al-Samaani said the new Public Prosecution reflects the keenness of the king to promote the values and principles of justice. He said linking the Public Prosecution directly to the king is an important step which comes in line with measures practiced in countries with developed judiciaries, and in accordance with Islamic Shariah. The step also promotes the principle of neutrality that will ensure justice, and supports the work of Public Prosecution in being a part of the judiciary, he said.
For his part, Head of Bureau of Grievances Khalid Al-Yusuf said the new amendment will strengthen the rules of justice and impartiality. He said the step reflects the king’s keenness in organizing the judiciary and assuring its full independence. By the issuance of the royal decree, the justice system in the Kingdom reflects international laws which focus on separation between the judiciary and executive authorities, he said.
Lawyer and legal adviser Fahad Mahboub said separation between executive and judiciary authorities is crucial in terms of independence and impartiality.
Firras Hijazi, a lawyer and legal expert, said the new amendment is in line with rules and principles applied in many countries, and it is a matter of concern among legal practitioners when it comes to standardization and unification of terminologies. Speaking to local press, he said the change of the BIPP to the Public Prosecution is closer to a proper understanding in which the Public Prosecution represents society in introducing and prosecuting criminal cases in the appropriate courts.

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