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Jackson, Al-Mana to fight over child custody in divorce court

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al-Mana
LONDON: Janet Jackson and Qatari billionaire Wissam Al-Mana’s divorce proceedings began last week in London. If reports are to be believed, the 51-year-old American singer may lose custody of her newborn son.
According to Fox News, Jackson and Al-Mana, 42, were seen exiting the Royal Courts of Justice in London last Thursday. It said the custody of their newborn son could be an “issue.”
Married in 2012, the couple became estranged in April after she gave birth to Eissa in January.
Earlier reports speculated that Jackson was not happy over how he wanted their son to be brought up.
There was also talk that Al-Mana could be headed for a reconciliation after the media noted how he had praised Jackson in his personal posts online.
But it seems that they are now bound irrevocably for separate ways.
“I just want to keep it real with you guys for a second. Yes, I separated from my husband.
“We are in court. And the rest is in God’s hands,” Jackson revealed in a video message to her fans last month.
The New York Post reported in April that the judge could award her up to $200 million under the terms of the couple’s pre-nuptial agreement, plus even more if they had a child.
Al-Mana, whose business spans cars, real estate, retail and technology, is reportedly worth $1 billion.
Jackson’s wealth is estimated at $150 million.
Fox News also said that she has mapped out her future plans. She is reportedly in talks with Netflix for a 10-part documentary series on her life.